Therapeutic Approach

As a psychotherapist, I practice with the belief that therapy can be a rich and vital exploration into understanding the deepest parts of our selves.  The parts we cherish as well as the parts we want to change.  We all have complex barriers and patterns that can get in the way of living the life we want to lead. These barriers and patterns (symptoms) can take on many forms: anxiety, depression, phobias, unexplained physical illness or pain, addiction, rage, even feelings of strangeness and unreality. In addition, these symptoms can affect any area of life, including relationships, self-worth, work, and creativity.

Change is possible when these patterns and barriers can be expressed and understood in an open, safe and accepting space.  With good communication and trust between client and therapist, the therapeutic environment becomes such a space.  The therapeutic session becomes a path to awareness with all the healing and personal power that can result.

The path is different for everyone, but eventually with a commitment to open exploration, psychotherapy has the potential to lead to exciting, healthy change.

Therapeutic Style

There are many doorways available to us for a better understanding of our selves. These doorways may include:

  • exploring our historical past and how we are affected by it today;
  • expressing our day-to-day experiences of ourselves and others around us:
  • understanding our worldly, somatic and spiritual experiences within;
  • understanding our experiences toward the therapeutic relationship;
  • listening closely to deep down thoughts and feelings that have not yet been openly expressed.

As a psychotherapist I respect and integrate the mind/body/spirit connection.  I find that my work allows clients to feel support and acceptance in a warm, nurturing therapeutic relationship. My goal is to help clients release old pain, make new choices and reconnect with their innate vitality and creativity.

Therapeutic Techniques

It has been my experience that people come to change in a variety of ways, hence, I have had training in a variety of modalities including EMDR, Mindfulness practices, Voice Dialogue, The Enneagram, Psychosynthesis, Somatic Experiencing and Hakomi, a body centered therapy. I have trained in Dr. Brené Brown’s Daring Way™ Curriculum and I’m a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator. Further information is available at

My practice is based on a combination of ideas and techniques that I have learned throughout my many years of training and life experience.  I believe difficulties are best approached as a path rather than pathology.